Here are the sketches from a competition that was set for the year 4  Students of Pondhu Primary school. They were set the task of designing a base layer after my presentation to them on mountaineering clothing.


The presentation included the history of the traditional attire from the Victorian era right up to modern day technical garments (the garments,  fabrics, the difficulties and risks for Victorian women, etc)


The children were enthusiastically involved with the presentation, answering my questions and trying on garments. They went on to design a base layer of their own choice, and I picked two winners and two runners up. 


I awarded the four winners prizes of design equipment and was invited back into class to present them. 



What a fantastic class, and some amazing entries from year 4 Pondhu School! 


The four Winners are pictured on the first row below. 


 Nathan,  Hannah, Mirriam  &  Jake.   Massive congratulations!