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Photography: Jordan Woods

Model: Cat Brine

This is my Graduate collection. I call it CyberDandy. 

It is what I call 'The Future of Vintage'  and is basically a mixture of futuristic and traditional. 

The garments consist of FIVE complete outfits and accessories. 

British tweed is used in each outfit.

There are trousers, shorts, plus fours that are all designed to incorporate an integral pair of cycling shorts with built in chamois. They all have part elasticated waistbands and small hidden side pockets. Flat seamed wherever possible to make them lightweight. 

There are two skirts. These are convertible so that you can wear them up or down for ease of cycling.  They have elasticated waistbands and small side pockets, in contrasting tweeds. They are flat seamed to reduce bulk and feel very lightweight for tweed garments. Poly lycra would also be worn as shorts with chamois pads underneath the convertible skirts so that the tweed wasnt against the skin too much. (it was hard to line my garments. bonding them made them too rigid and not fall correctly and lining them would have been too bulky) 

The waistcoat is almost backless. It is Reversible tweed in contrasting colours so that it will work with any of the other outfits .

The tops are all Polyester, breatheable with lycra. Each top is finished differently. (some placement print, one plain. The plain comes with a collar, there is one vest top, one raglan sleeve and two batwing-esque reversible tops. (one long sleeved, one short)They can be worn either way around, they fit like a dream and the feel against the skin is amazing.


 I made the vest top long enough to cover the stomach, a place women tend to want additional support, along with adding shapely flattering lines.

The colours are bright enough to allow for safety. These colours would be printed on the sublimation printer with flourescent ink. 

Everything is interchangeable. 

The accessories include BakerBoy style Helmet covers. (these will be great for male or female) They come elasticated around the bottom so they should fit most helmets! 

There is a tweed skirt guard (two tone tweed) which covers the bicycle wheel. 

There is also a waterproof basket cover. This is waterproof to protect the contents on rainy days  and elasticated to fit any size and shape bicycle basket. It is taped so entirely waterproof, and has an amazing vibrant print for visibility and safety. 

Lastly, I made a waterproof tweed and BTM and reversible cape. It is also multi functional. 

It can be worn either with the waterproof facing in or out, and can be worn across the shoulders or around the waist. This could be handy for when you get back to your bike to discover the seat is wet! (I have encountered this many times)