Cyber-Dandy cyclewear: The future of vintage


The initial inspiration for my graduate collection came from my love of Cycling Fashion History.


With a focus on the late 1800’s, I decided to concentrate on French Posters that were very popular at this time. I chose one in particular from Artist ‘Misti’ for Cycles Clement poster. I loved the way the poster expressed freedom and liberty for women.


To make my garments a modern appropriation of this, I acquired permission to take some modern brightly coloured cartoon samples from Illustrator Brad Tuttles comic images. I felt this would add a contemporary as a high contrast to the traditional Tweeds that I would be using.



I started looking at cycling events such as the Tweed Run, Eroica and The Goodwood Festival, taking inspiration from the materials and silhouettes of the clothing worn, but I also took functional and practical elements from modern road cycling clothing and added necessary function to the traditional garments.


After creating two pre-collections of aesthetic and functional designs I merged both into one collection for my Graduate Collection.

At first I considered putting the brightly coloured garments as the outer layers, but then changed it to just the layers that fit close to the body.

(for more info on the actual garments please see "LINE UP")





Professional Photographs by Laura Pollacco & Jordan Woods and Phillip Blackwell


Model: Helen Campbell and Cat Brine 


Comic Illustrations: Brad Tuttle